Why I Want to Homeschool, and Why I Think You Should Too

Hey there! So today's post is going to be my opinion on homeschooling versus public school. I went to public school my whole life, so I know how public school is. I also went to lots of schools and know all about the differences they can have. I never thought about homeschooling until recently. I have a 9 month old son and I can't remember exactly what it was that made me start thinking about his education. I just remember that homeschooling sounded like an okay idea and I thought I would look into it. The more I did the more I love it!
Okay so let's get right into it!
Reasons why I want to homeschool, in no particular order:

  • Freedom! The first thing that really got me thinking about homeschooling was the freedom. I just remember thinking "wouldn't it be nice to be able to take my kids on field trips and vacations whenever we wanted!". Truth is: YES! It would be an amazing thing! And the other, crazier truth is it is a reality! Many homeschooling families go on vacations when other children are in school, making it less expensive and meaning there are less crowds. Also might be easier to get off work because, well, no one else is asking for it! 
  • Educational Freedom! This was the second biggest thing to me. I can teach my kids how I see fit. Meaning I will be able to incorporate gospel doctrine into my teachings. It also means that my kids can spend more time on subjects they want, learning what interests them. I feel that public schools can stifle a child's interests and their personality. I don't like that kids learn to hate learning or not want to learn outside of school. They think learning is only for school, and they dread the word "homework". At least I know I did!
  • No Bullying! No one wants their kid to be bullied. Right? It's just a fact. Good, loving parents do not want their children to be bullied. So naturally I don't either. But here is the sad truth: parents think it's inevitable and just allow it to happen. I don't like that train of thought, but I used to be like that. I was under the assumption that it would be good for my kids to have that experience. That they needed to know what it was like so they could handle it in their adult lives too. Here's the, no, here's one problem with that: I haven't been bullied as an adult. Yeah I run into people that I think are rude or that I don't like, yada yada, but I can't recall being bullied. I know it happens to some people but I think as an adult it's considered abuse and it's something, we as adults, know to get out of. (Geez! I'm going on and on! Haha sorry but I am very passionate about this point.)
    So anyways, I know I can't stop bullying completely! If you let your kids go outside your house, chances are they will be bullied at some point. So by homeschooling I reduce the risk substantially. I wont shelter my kids from everything. Actually the opposite! I WANT my kids to experience life! I want them to be immersed into as many cultures and experiences as they can! So yeah! Homeschooling will reduce bullying, plus I can be there to help my kids get through it and they wont be afraid to come to me. My main point is that parents shouldn't just throw their children to the wolves, instead if we all taught our kids how to be well mannered there wouldn't be any wolves in the first place. But we know that that wont happen. So instead I'm going to teach my kids to be awesome at home and they can reflect that in the real world. 
  • Closer Relationships! My children will want to come to me with questions and concerns and we will have a closer relationship throughout their lives. I don't know about you, but I want my kids to want to come to me with EVERYTHING! And yes I mean EVERYTHING! :)
  • Learn What They Want! I mentioned this a bit earlier, but I love the idea that my children can learn more of what they love and less of what they don't. And they can spread the time out by spending more time on what the love and get through the other stuff fast and be done. I also love that they can be themselves! They don't have to please their peers! 
  • Peer Pressure Gone! Okay, so chances are they will still get a little bit of peer pressure in sports or play dates or something. But they wont be in school 6-8 hours a day with children their own age telling them that in order to be "cool" they have to ______. I am grateful to know that my kids wont have to deal with that and that when they do experience they will come to me and learn how to deal with it instead of being scared they wont fit in, like at school. And since they have to go out of their way to make friends (good for helping with making them social), they are less likely to be friends with someone that tries to make them do something they don't like.
Well, that's my list so far! :) What are some reason's why you would want to homeschool? And what are some reason's you wouldn't want to? Keep it friendly! :)


  1. While I have no children,you do make some compelling points for home schooling. I guess as long as you can understand the subjects you have to teach,it works well for some. I just think its where you live on if home schooling is viable.

    1. Thanks! I agree, as long as you understand. What do you mean by where you live? Homeschooling can be taught anywhere.

  2. We have a ten month old and we are also planning on homeschooling. One of the comments we always get is "oh, but they won't have a social life". I love that when my son is being home schooled, the friendships he makes are genuine friendships and not just because he is in their class and it's convenient. I think they can have more meaningful friendships by not going to school!

    1. Our son is ten months too! And I've been doing lots of research on the matter. And I agree! I love love love the idea that their friendships will be amazing and meaningful and on purpose! I know you can get good friendships from public school but a lot of them are superficial and meaningless.

  3. You make good points for homeschooling. It's definitely a good option for many families.

    1. I agree! And thanks! I think more people should put aside their misconceptions about it and at least look into it as an option. They don't have to do it, but knowing both sides is always good.

  4. There is a place for home schooling but there are a lot of benefits to a public and private school as well. Based on your reasoning it sounds like you want to be as protective as you can to your children. If you shelter your kids too much they won't learn how to make their own decisions and this could backfire on you some day. I am not saying that home schooling is bad but I do have some thoughts on your points and reasons for wanting to home school. FREEDOM: There is a time and a place for freedom. This seems appealing but unless you are rich the chances of you actually taking a multiple vacation in the off season is small. EDUCATIONAL FREEDOM: You still have this option. You can teach your kids whatever you want (on your own time). That is the benefit of being a parent. The teaching should never stop. NO BULLYING: I don't want my kids to be bullied either but at some point I am going to have to teach them to stand up for themselves. In public or home school, this is still a possibility. CLOSER RELATIONSHIPS & LEARN WHAT THEY WANT: If I can't have a close relationship because of public school then I am failing as a parent. If you are a good teacher, and stick to a strict schedule, this might make your kids resent you and not want to talk to you about personal stuff (outside of school). PEER PRESSURE IS GONE: You are kidding yourself if you think there will not be any peer pressure outside of the public school system. Children should be taught how to make their own decisions so that when the "pressure" comes they still make good decisions on their own. If you take away any chance to practice this skill, you might be hurting them more than helping them.

    My wife and I have thought about doing home schooling our children, but for some completely different reasons. I am not against it at all. My only point is that it seems you want to protect and shelter your children from experiences they might benefit from. They need to learn to socialize. They need to learn to make good choices, even with peer pressure. They need to understand that life it not always easy. They have to work hard every day, even if they don't want to.

    I went to public school and I was bullied. I didn't feel smart, I didn't always want to be there, and I would have much rather been at home with my mommy. That being said, I learned more about life, love, competition, drive and determination, and persistence in school than I ever would have just being at home. The opportunity to interact with others every single day gave me the skills I have today. These social and decision making skills have helped my in my jobs and my relationships throughout my life. I love my parents but I never would have learned any of this if I were home schooled.

    1. I don't want to shelter my kids. Sure I want to educate them on some things in my own way and on my timeline, but I don't want them sheltered. Quite the opposite! I want them to experience life and I don't think that Public School gives them real life experience! How is sitting in a school for 6-7 hours a day experiencing life? It isn't.

      And the thing with bullying is, I don't think that a child should have to deal with that ever. It doesn't give them life skills, it tears them down and makes them want to hurt themselves. I don't want my children to go through that. Yes children will have to deal with people they might not like, that is inevitable. But that is different than being bullied. Also children can learn to stand up for themselves in other ways.

      Other than that my reasons have nothing to do with sheltering. FREEDOM: I want to take my kids on field trips and go on vacations which I agree, if you aren't rich, doesn't happen as often, but when we do go we will save money. EDUCATIONAL FREEDOM: You are right, I could teach them outside of school. But honestly, what child wants to come home from school, do homework and then learn what I have to teach them? If I homeschool I can teach them all at once.

      CLOSER RELATIONSHIPS: I don't agree with you. I have good relationships with my parents and there were still things that I didn't want to tell them because I was embarrassed or scared. I have read of others that homeschool and their children aren't afraid to come to them for anything important. I want that with my children. Also we will be life learners. Meaning we will live life and experience it and learn as we go. Sure we will sit down and learn the harder things, but we aren't going to do homeschool like it's a traditional school.

      As for PEER PRESSURE GONE: I stated in my post that this isn't 100% true. It will still happen, but because of my and my husbands influence and teachings, when it does happen they will know how to deal with it. They will do sports and participate in the community and do service. They will get peer pressure. My point of that subject was more that they wont experience the dumb "your only cool if you ___" type of peer pressure that they feel they have to do or everyone will hate them.

      I agree that children need to to learn to socialize, to make good choices, to understand that life is not always easy, and to work hard every day, even if they don't want to. I understand that, and I plan on teaching them those things and allowing them to grow outside the home too.

      I can't speak for you when I say this but for me personally, I can't say if I'm better off now than I would have been if I was home schooled. Maybe if I was home schooled I would love learning more, or I wouldn't be as timid when I need to ask a question. I'm not shy, I'm actually very outgoing. But I don't like asking for clarification because of some of the teachers I've had. I also feel like maybe I wouldn't start and stop things as much if I had been taught from home. I stop because my teachers never inspired me to try harder or try out for things. My parents told me I could do it, but when it came to it, I'd either not do it or maybe start something and then quite because I felt horrible and like a failure all because I felt like my teachers thought I was dumb.

      Anyways, I am very curious as to what your reasons are for wanting to homeschool. Erase the fact that you think all my reasons are "sheltering", don't you want any of these things for your children?

    2. First off I want to apologize for the tone in my comment. I meant no disrespect to your opinions. After I posted it I reread it and thought it sounded a little harsh. I am sorry for that. I guess I was just trying to show the other side of the coin. I know people that have done homeschool, public school, and private school and all of them turned out differently. I don't believe that there is a one size fits all solution to schooling.

      I guess what bothers be the most with homeschooling is that for some parents it is the only way to go. If you don't do homeschool then your child is not going to be as loving or as smart. They do it just to go against the government and whatever program is going on at that time. I think that parents need to asses their situation, their location, the schools in their area, and their own abilities then decide what is best for their children at that time.

      I know kids that have returned to high school after many years of homeschooling and they were way behind on basic reading and math skills. Their parents decided that one subject was more important than another so some of the basics didn't get covered. Also, they tell me about how they didn't really have school every day. It was more of when it was convenient to the parent. This to me is wrong. If you are going to teach your kids from home then you need to be responsible enough to make it worth their time... not yours. I also know kids that come from homeschooling that are way above average. Like I said, each child and each parent is different.

      We have looked into, and are still looking into, homeschooling because my wife has been a teacher for 10 years and I believe that she could get our kids on the right academic track right from the start. That being said, we would only do it for the first few year. Then we would want them to go to a public school so they can participate with other kids their age and learn other skills they can only learn from experience.

    3. It's all good :) I guess I kind of took it harsh because I really don't want to shelter my kids. The reason I want to homeschool is to get them out into the world so they can learn from being out there. I agree that children can turn out any way from wither option. That's why I plan on doing everything I can to make it so I am teaching them correctly. If, for any reason, I can't continue with teaching them I will research and stick them in a good school. I am not a "homeschool or nothing" type of person at all. Heck, even if my kids want to try public school I might let them. So long as the school system hasn't been turned into some sort of government drone program or something haha. And I used to think that my children would be awkward and "weird" if they didn't go to PS but I have since decided that isn't true. I think their personality has a lot to do with their parents and how they just are. Everyone is born with their own personality, it's how we, as parents, teach them that decides if they can handle social situations or not. I'm sure public school does help. I just don't feel like for my family it's the best option. I have several years though until I have to do homeschooling though so things might change.

      I am excited for you guys to try it out! :) I think all parents should at least consider it as an option. If nothing else at least for the first few years like you guys are! Those young years are really the most important and influential years. After that maybe they are ready to go into the world and learn and influence others.

      I really appreciate your comment. I do need to see all sides of things and make sure this is the right decision for my family. So thanks for making me think! :) Sorry if I was harsh back!

  5. I have several family members and friends who homeschool. They site many of the above reasons for their choice and they have been happy about their choice. My kids on the other hand, go to public school and I have been very happy with my choice too. Yes, we face some of the challenges that you expressed concern over, but sometimes these challenges have been important learning opportunities. Also, my kids have been able to participate in many things that have enriched their lives and helped them to develop their talents that they would not have been able to do if we homeschooled. They have also had their lives blessed by wonderful teachers who loved them and taught them things I could not have taught. I thought a lot about this choice when making the decision about homeschool or public school. In the end, I felt that the Lord wanted these children to be lights to the world and that their influence for good would be greater in public school. As they have grown up, I have seen their light shine, and I am so grateful for that inspiration. That said, I think that every family can receive inspiration for what is right for them. There are some wonderful things about homeschooling as well.

    1. I agree sometimes homeschool isn't a valid choice for a family. I'm totally fine with that. I never even had it in my head as an option until recently. And I know your children will probably do fantastic in school! Thanks for commenting!

  6. I was homeschooled and I am not going to lie it gave me alot of freedom. I had the freedom to get a job at 15 and do school. There are social groups and church the the children can interact with. Yes you can plan field trips for your kids whenever you want, that was an awesome perk. My mom did a cooking class, we all chose countries from around the world. Then we made food from the recipes of those countries. So i agree there were alot of upsides about being homeschooled.

    Down side. I was bullied and I mean bullied to no end because I WAS homeschooled. Especially by the youth group at church, which was my only source of social interaction for a while. They didn't understand why i wasn't at school. I had nothing to talk about because I didn't know which teacher was awful and who was nice,the people they hung out with at school. I didn't have events to go too, or trips to talk about. I had almost NOTHING to talk about with a group of 30 kids because they always talked about school. It ate up their life so that was the conversational pieces. I will say that for me being homeschooled was ok. It wasn't great, it was alot of times awful. I had resentment towards my parents for a time because they were my teachers. It was harder to get school done because we were at home and wanted to play. You are more socially outcast unless you live a near a large community that does do homeschooling. It is just fact. I will stress that Kids NEED social interaction. And unless you can find an outlet for them, a group, play dates, hobby, martial arts, something. They will feel isolated and picked on.

    At least that is my personal experience with the homeschool community. It might have be different elsewhere. I hope it is better. And i wish you luck with it. Just be vigilant in social groups is i guess my word of advice.

    1. Thanks Rachel! Very good points! And I plan on doing social things with my kids. And like I said in another comment, if my kids want to try school I will let them! If that is better for them then it's what we will do. Thanks for commenting!

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