Top 6 Biggest Fears!

Hello guys!! I am SO happy to be writing again! My dang computer was in the "doctors office" getting fixed because the last time I had to take it in the had to reset it or something and it deleted the antivirus software and they didn't put it back on. So my computer was flippin out on me for about a week. But now it is fixed!! :) So now I can entertain you all with my wonderful words! Hehe!

Okay so I thought for today's post I would write about my biggest fears! So lets get to it! (These are in no special order.)
  • Bears! Hands down, bears scare the poo out of me! They are the things of my nightmares! And it is all because I watched a movie called The Edge (don't recommend it). I was 17 and I slept in my parents bed that night haha I am a HUGE scaredy cat! Like seriously... its a little embarrassing.. at least it would be if I cared! Haha, which I don't. People can know how much of a pansy I am, I don't care. (Weirdly enough I have always wanted to go to Bear World...)
  • Spiders! Spiders give me the heeby geebies! (I just shuddered a little thinking about it.) So I know a lot of people are scared of spiders, but my reasoning comes from a little true story about my childhood. Okay, so my older brother and sister were my awesome idols and I liked to do what they did (who doesn't?) ANYWAYS, so I went with them to their friends house when I was like six-ish and we were all playing in the backyard and my brother's friend had a little tent set up in the backyard. In the tent he had a bunch of spiders, which he liked to collect. So him and my brother went in and I followed them in. Then my brother's friend went out and locked my brother and I in, then he let my brother out and left me in, and then shook the tent so that the spiders would move along the tent walls. AH! Eventually my brother and sister tackled the guy and let me out.
  • Losing one of my children. I think that is really all there is to say. I couldn't handle losing one of my children. 
  • Losing my husband. I don't even want to think about this one.
  • HEIGHTS! I am TERRIFIED of falling off of things. I guess this one should really say falling, not heights. But falling from a great height is the scariest!
  • Not being able to have anymore children. Now I know that this isn't the worst thing in the world. I could adopt (I plan to actually) but it would be really sad if I couldn't have anymore of my own children. I LOVE being pregnant and giving birth to someone that is a part of me. It is a wonderful feeling and I really am sad for those that can't feel it themselves. I do thing adoption is amazing though.
Well, what are YOU afraid of? I'd love to hear from you! Leave a comment!

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