Haden is Almost 7 Months!

I can't believe how fast time flies. My sweet little baby is growing up! And becoming a little independent. He is loving all of his yummy baby foods, but he keeps trying to steal the spoon and do it himself. Well, mostly he likes to chomp on the spoon haha. He loves his standing saucer thing that he can play in. Oh and he is sitting up now! He doesn't know how to get there quite yet but he is loving sitting up so much that he gets cranky when he falls over and can't get back up. He also is getting closer to holding himself up in a crawling position. Haden as gotten very good at turning around on his belly and scooting to places. We also think that his first tooth is coming in soon. The last few nights have been hard for him, he just wants to chew on his binki because his gums hurt. So we are on the lookout for his first tooth.

Haden had a his six month check up a couple weeks ago and he is doing good. Healthy and happy. He is a little on the small side weight wise but he is on the tall side too so the doctors aren't worried. He will be getting a helmet soon to help correct the shape of his head. We should be going in and getting him measured for it this week. He will have to wear it for about 3 months. He eats his baby food 2-3 times a day (we are going to try 4 times now) and he still isn't getting enough to sleep through the night yet. He wakes up about every 2-3 hours still, just as hungry as ever. So I think the 4 times a day of baby food plus the formula and juice should hopefully be enough for his baby belly so he can get some decent sleep at night and so can David and I.

Well David and I have been praying a lot about where we should be and what we should be doing and we have decided, with the Lord's help, that we need to be in Arizona and that we aren't going to be doing the aquarium with our friends anymore. We know that it'll take off and become a real thing, it is just going to take longer than we have time for. But keep on the lookout for it you Idahoans! We also decided that Arizona is where we need to be right now. So as soon as we get the money to move we will be packing up. (So we think it'll be in the next 3-5 months, maybe a little longer.)

David is doing good at Cal Ranch and will hopefully be transferring to a Cal Ranch in Arizona. There are a couple new stores down there that need people so hopefully he can get full time. His leg is still regaining mobility back but we have gym memberships at Anytime Fitness and will be going and working out to help his leg and get us back in shape. He will also be trying to go back to school, either online at BYU-I or at ASU in Arizona (we haven't decided). Either way he will be applying for scholarships so if anyone knows of any good websites that we can look into please let us know. Thanks!

As for me, I am working really hard on Mary Kay. This weekend I am going to the career conference for MK and can't wait to go and learn and be motivated! It is going to be awesome. I am also working on building up my customer base and also working on gaining team members so I can be a team leader! I am really excited for the opportunity to be able to do this. I have been also working on eating a more insulin resistance friendly diet and a heart healthy diet for David. It's going to be slow going but we will get there. My decluttering journey is also slow going but it is happening haha.

Well that's our update for now. Please pray for us to do what's right and be healthy and happy. Also pray for David's dad, he is having back problems and could use it. Thanks everyone! Love you all! :)

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