Why We Stopped The Cleanse... And Why I Am Starting Over

So we didn't make it very far before we got tempted and had some sugar and dairy. (Who can resist Cold Stone? Especially when you have to be there for 2 hours.) As a result of this we decided to stop the cleanse and just eat healthier. We decided that instead of doing this cleanse for six weeks, we would just stick to the basic diet and eat healthier always! (We were going to try to do this after anyways.) So here we are trying to eat healthier. So we eat mostly vegetables, but we added back in fruit, dairy and bread. And occasionally we eat some sugar.

I do feel somewhat bad about having stopped so soon. I really don't want to rely on taking a pill everyday for the rest of my life to manage my insulin resistance. So I might do the cleanse (and complete it) sometime in the future if eating healthy doesn't help take it away completely anyways. I'll need more help and motivation this next time around. And probably not hang out in Cold Stone or places that are a temptation. ESPECIALLY when give you samples. Never a good idea when trying to do a diet/cleanse.

Okay, so I basically decided while writing this that I am going to just start over and do the cleanse again now. Yes, its hard. Yes, my husband probably wont join me, making it harder. But I am going to complete it and hopefully stop having to take my insulin resistance pills and be healthy and not at risk for diabetes. I want to be healthy! It has always been a goal of mine to stay healthy but now that I know I am at risk for getting diabetes and now that I have a son, I want to get healthy even more.

We also decided not to eat meat everyday. Meat is expensive! And having too much isn't as good for us as we think. And here's the thing, America has made it so meat has to be in every meal and it has to be a HUGE portion or its not a meal. Well, it is a meal without meat and when we eat meat it should be very little portions with a bunch of veggies and fruit and other foods.

So there you have it. I am back on the cleanse starting today! Stay strong me, I know I can do it! :)

What is the hardest diet you have ever tried? Do you eat meat a lot? What are your tips for staying healthy?

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