Top Ten New Years Resolutions!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe it's 2014! Where has the time gone!? I feel like last year just started! And I have to admit, I didn't do very well with my New Years Resolutions last year... BUT! I have determined to do better this year! I am going to use THIS to help me build habits that stick! (Check it out!) But here is my list of resolutions for the year 2014! (Let's hope I make it this time haha)

#1. Exercise!
I want to exercise more! I say this every year, I know. And last year I did okay with it. At least I did better than the year before... maybe not great though haha! This year I am going to do much better! My husband is very supportive of me exercising and even got me exercising stuff for Christmas! I love it! :)

#2. Organize!
I am extremely bad at keeping things organized and clean! Seriously, I really am not good at it! This year I am changing that! Now that I have a baby I really want to make sure our house is clean and organized so he doesn't get into anything that would be bad for him. Here are some websites that help you to organize:
As always you can use Pinterest to find more. That is my favorite place to look for good ideas. (Follow me on Pinterest!)

#3. Be in my children's lives!
I have only one child at the moment and he is absolutely perfect! Of course I do want more though. I also want to make sure that my husband and will always be in our children's lives and that we always have a good time together! 

#4. Watch Less T.V.
I watch far too much T.V. Who's with me? I want to be better at getting other things done, so I am going to limit my T.V. time so I can do all the other things on my new years resolution list!

#5. Read More!
I LOVE to read! Honestly! It is the best! So I am making a goal to read a book a week! That may sound like a lot but I love to read and it really shouldn't be too hard. The most time I want to give myself is two weeks, you know, if it's a really really big book! Haha! I would also love to have a book club and read a book and discuss it with others, so whenever I finish a book I will be posting about it on my blog so others can discuss it with me! I will also be posting the next I will be reading on my blog so others can read it and participate too!

#6. Post more on my blogs!
I want to use my time I wasted on T.V. and turn it into a productive blog! I have this blog and a food blog. I want to make sure I post more on both. I want to do at least one food post a week and two to three posts on this blog a week.

#7. Try one new recipe a week!
In order to help me keep up with my blog posts on my food blog I want to do a new recipe every week! In order to do this I will need more recipes! (Obviously) Which means I will constantly be on the lookout for more fun recipes! And they could come from you! If you have a recipe you would like me to try let me know HERE! And I will gladly do a recipe swap and tell others about your blog as well! :)

#8. Do one new craft a month!
I want to try one new craft a month to help me with learning, posting on my blog, and just being creative and having fun! :)

#9. Budgeting and getting out of debt!
My husband and I are trying out a new way of budgeting. We got the idea from our friends and if it works out well I will post a template of it for everyone to see and use if you want! :) We are trying our best to be better about saving our money, how we spend it and how we get out of debt. I will be doing posts throughout the year on this subject. Here is a website where I found some good tips as well.

#10. Eat Healthier!
As I have mentioned in other posts, I have Mild Insulin Resistance. Which means I shouldn't be eating sweets and junk a lot because I am at risk for diabetes. So I want to do the best I can to eat healthy instead of eating junk, like chips, that I am VERY good at eating! Haha! So yeah, eat better! My goal is to cut down sweets and chips to about once a week. As in, only eat a small portion of chips and sweets once a week. I feel that you still need some of that junk occasionally, especially if you are used to eating it. Can't cut it out cold turkey! Makes it to hard to accomplish I think. So a little here or there will help me to be a healthier person.

 #11. Spend more time with my husband!
I added one more, because this is the most important! Keeping the romance alive! Do more date nights and learn to appreciate everything my husband does and not get mad at him for the little things. Check out this blog post!

What are some of YOUR New Years Resolutions? And how will you accomplish them?

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