Top Ten Healthy Snacks!

This week I want to tell you about my top ten healthy snacks I enjoy. Since I am trying to eat healthier I want to share what I do to eat healthier and allow you guys the chance to reply with your healthy snack choices. So here are mine:

1. Green Smoothies/Fruit Smoothies

I like having smoothies for breakfast mostly. They also make a great snack when you need something to help fill you up and hold you over until lunch or dinner. I like doing kale or spinach with fruit and milk. Here are some recipes from other websites:

Boulder Locavore
100 Days of Real Food
Simply Recipes

I also like to make fruit smoothies. I use frozen fruits and veggies because they don't go bad as fast and they still taste good! Plus you can get more out of season fruits that way.

2. Cucumbers and Bell Peppers!
I like eating cucumbers with a little salt and pepper and bell peppers with a little salt. It is delicious and very good for you! Way better than chips or ice cream anyways.
3. Celery and peanut butter!
Delicious and very good for you! The celery burns more calories than it takes to eat it and the peanut butter i good protein and helps energize you!

4. Pretzels!
Pretzels are a great treat to eat! Especially when you want something salty but don't want chips. Trust me, chips are my downfall, so I can honestly say that pretzels help! Now they don't completely make up for it, especially if you want a different flavor of chip, but when you just want salty and crunchy, they totally work!
5. Carrots and Ranch Dip!
This is a yummy snack! I use light ranch dressing too so it makes it more healthy. They are packed with fiber, vitamin A and beta carotene.
6. Hummus!
Hummus is delicious! If you haven't tried it, you definitely should! I like the roasted red pepper kind. MMM!!! Good! I eat it with chips, carrots, pretzels, celery, pretty much anything you want works.
7. Trail Mix!
Trail mix is the perfect snack! Healthy, full of protein and vitamins, crunchy, chewy, yummy, salty, sweet! Basically covers everything! And with so many different varieties to choose from, it becomes a snack that can be for anytime and not make you sick of it!
8. Granola Bars!
I like granola bars! Especially with a hint of chocolate or peanut butter. Yummy and good for you! I eat the Fiber One bars a lot. The chocolate ones are delicious! (Not sponsored, it is my own opinion.)
9. Cheese and Crackers!
Cut up some cheese cubes, put it on a cracker and enjoy! With all the varieties of cheese and crackers this snack can be made into any variety of yumminess! :)
10. Rice Cakes!
Yum! Rice cakes are delicious! I like the crunchyness and texture of them. My favorite is the white cheddar kind! And for a sweet treat I like the apple and cinnamon flavor. They are way healthier than chips and candy and other snacks.

So there you have it! 10 deliciously healthy snack time foods! What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?

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