Favorite Valentines Day Dates and Gifts!

I love Valentines Day! Who doesn't? (Besides single people.) I love it because I get to spend a wonderful day with my hubby, the man I am head over heels for, and it also happens to be my birthday! Hehe! It's awesome I know. 
So here are some good ideas for dates and gifts:

  1. The Classic
    Dinner and a movie! Everyone knows about this one. Pick your favorite place to eat, go watch a movie at a theater, hold hands, and enjoy each others company. It is a great classic date. Only one problem, EVERYONE does it! Haha! It must be great if everyone does it. Which is fine and dandy but it can make it hard to get seats at a restaurant or theater, which brings us to number two.
  2. The Secluded
    This one is similar to The Classic but instead of going out for a night of fun, you stay in! Make a delicious dinner for two, snuggle up in a blanket fort and watch a romantic movie! It is a fun, romantic twist on a classic date.
  3. The Scavenger Hunt
    This one is a fun date! Make a scavenger hunt for your spouse, they make one for you and then you race to get it done and the winner gets a prize of your choosing. You can make a scavenger hunt of love notes that last all day and each has a clue that leads to the next. This is a fun one that can happen all day while you go and do other stuff. It can take you all over the town or just around the house.
  4. The Double Date
    Some people are just social creatures and need a couple extra friends to have a great time. Generally Valentines Day is a day for couples, love and romance. But you can definitely still get together with a really close pair of friends and have a fun date and THEN go off to do your own thing. You can do The Classic or the Scavenger Hunt or basically anything you come up with for this date. Then when you and your spouse get home and are alone, well then it is up to you what you do next. 
  5. The Bucket List
    This one is fun! You and your spouse get together and write down all your bucket list items and then pick a few small ones or one big one and go and do it! This can be a completely awesome and random and exciting date! It is whatever you make it! 
  6. Cheesy Gifts
    For this gift you can go get the cheesiest Valentines Day stuff at the store or dollar store and have some fun with it! Get heart glasses, cute mugs, candy and cheesy teddy bears. Go all out and enjoy the funny cutesy things you and your spouse can get for each other. 
  7. Romantic Gifts
    Get your spouse something sexy this Valentines Day. Get some lingerie, sparkling cider and some chocolate dipped strawberries. You can also get massage oil and give each other massages. This is a gift best given and used when you are alone with your spouse. 
  8. Classic Gifts
    A box of chocolates and some flowers for the women and some candy and a movie for the men. Classic and easy!
  9. Personal Gifts
    I like this one because you pick out stuff that you know your spouse really wants, needs or uses a lot and give them that. It makes it super personal. Some ideas for this are: books, movies, personalized mugs or picture frames, pictures of you together, pocket knives, Chapstick, beef jerky, homemade gifts, candy or homemade treats.
  10. Homemade Gifts
    I love to make things for my family! I make hats, scarves, pot holders, and pretty much anything I can figure out how to make and give as a gift! This one is open to your imagination! Anything you can think to make you can give as a gift! And don't worry if it isn't perfect, your spouse isn't going to care. They will love you for trying! 
So what are some of your favorite gifts to give and get?

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