Book Review- Geek Charming by Robin Palmer

Okay so I finished the book last night. And I enjoyed it! The book started out as a typical girl meets boy, they don't like each other, but over time they become friends. At first they just argue about things. She is a diva/prom queen type, who is the most popular girl in school, dating the most popular guy. And he is a film geek who can't talk to girls, has no social skills outside is geeky friends and really wants to get into a film school. So he decides to film a documentary of the popular girls and submit it for his college application. She decides, with the help of her dad, that he can film her for his documentary and so they start their awkward relationship.
So on this journey they actually start to open up to one another and become friends. Soon they find themselves actually liking being together and they are the first person the other one calls for anything. This whole time I thought FOR SURE they would end up dating! Even though she was dating the most popular guy and he liked someone else. It keeps leading you to think that they will end up falling in love. Same old story right? Refreshingly not!
Turns out that even though Dylan (the girl) and her boyfriend Asher end up breaking up, she finds someone else she really likes and he gets the girl he has been crushing on for forever. It is nice that I got a twist at the end. Making it not the same as the typical story that people usually write. Thanks for that refreshing new twist on a story Robin Palmer!
I would highly recommend reading this book. Its got a few twists and turns you wouldn't think were going to happen.
As for the movie? Well it's okay. But wrong! It doesn't follow the book. Except for some of the main points. Like the two main characters are the same. Their friends are the same. But how they meet is wrong. What he is doing the documentary for isn't accurate. And in the end they end up together, not just as best friends. Thanks Hollywood, you made into a typical princess story. Granted its still a good movie. But I like the book a TON better. So yeah, read it! :) And watch the movie, for fun!

This week I am reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I have read this before but I haven't finished the series and its been a while so I thought I would reread them from the beginning. Please join me in reading it and discussing it next week. Thanks!

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