Favorite Valentines Day Dates and Gifts!

I love Valentines Day! Who doesn't? (Besides single people.) I love it because I get to spend a wonderful day with my hubby, the man I am head over heels for, and it also happens to be my birthday! Hehe! It's awesome I know. 
So here are some good ideas for dates and gifts:

  1. The Classic
    Dinner and a movie! Everyone knows about this one. Pick your favorite place to eat, go watch a movie at a theater, hold hands, and enjoy each others company. It is a great classic date. Only one problem, EVERYONE does it! Haha! It must be great if everyone does it. Which is fine and dandy but it can make it hard to get seats at a restaurant or theater, which brings us to number two.
  2. The Secluded
    This one is similar to The Classic but instead of going out for a night of fun, you stay in! Make a delicious dinner for two, snuggle up in a blanket fort and watch a romantic movie! It is a fun, romantic twist on a classic date.
  3. The Scavenger Hunt
    This one is a fun date! Make a scavenger hunt for your spouse, they make one for you and then you race to get it done and the winner gets a prize of your choosing. You can make a scavenger hunt of love notes that last all day and each has a clue that leads to the next. This is a fun one that can happen all day while you go and do other stuff. It can take you all over the town or just around the house.
  4. The Double Date
    Some people are just social creatures and need a couple extra friends to have a great time. Generally Valentines Day is a day for couples, love and romance. But you can definitely still get together with a really close pair of friends and have a fun date and THEN go off to do your own thing. You can do The Classic or the Scavenger Hunt or basically anything you come up with for this date. Then when you and your spouse get home and are alone, well then it is up to you what you do next. 
  5. The Bucket List
    This one is fun! You and your spouse get together and write down all your bucket list items and then pick a few small ones or one big one and go and do it! This can be a completely awesome and random and exciting date! It is whatever you make it! 
  6. Cheesy Gifts
    For this gift you can go get the cheesiest Valentines Day stuff at the store or dollar store and have some fun with it! Get heart glasses, cute mugs, candy and cheesy teddy bears. Go all out and enjoy the funny cutesy things you and your spouse can get for each other. 
  7. Romantic Gifts
    Get your spouse something sexy this Valentines Day. Get some lingerie, sparkling cider and some chocolate dipped strawberries. You can also get massage oil and give each other massages. This is a gift best given and used when you are alone with your spouse. 
  8. Classic Gifts
    A box of chocolates and some flowers for the women and some candy and a movie for the men. Classic and easy!
  9. Personal Gifts
    I like this one because you pick out stuff that you know your spouse really wants, needs or uses a lot and give them that. It makes it super personal. Some ideas for this are: books, movies, personalized mugs or picture frames, pictures of you together, pocket knives, Chapstick, beef jerky, homemade gifts, candy or homemade treats.
  10. Homemade Gifts
    I love to make things for my family! I make hats, scarves, pot holders, and pretty much anything I can figure out how to make and give as a gift! This one is open to your imagination! Anything you can think to make you can give as a gift! And don't worry if it isn't perfect, your spouse isn't going to care. They will love you for trying! 
So what are some of your favorite gifts to give and get?


Book Review- Geek Charming by Robin Palmer

Okay so I finished the book last night. And I enjoyed it! The book started out as a typical girl meets boy, they don't like each other, but over time they become friends. At first they just argue about things. She is a diva/prom queen type, who is the most popular girl in school, dating the most popular guy. And he is a film geek who can't talk to girls, has no social skills outside is geeky friends and really wants to get into a film school. So he decides to film a documentary of the popular girls and submit it for his college application. She decides, with the help of her dad, that he can film her for his documentary and so they start their awkward relationship.
So on this journey they actually start to open up to one another and become friends. Soon they find themselves actually liking being together and they are the first person the other one calls for anything. This whole time I thought FOR SURE they would end up dating! Even though she was dating the most popular guy and he liked someone else. It keeps leading you to think that they will end up falling in love. Same old story right? Refreshingly not!
Turns out that even though Dylan (the girl) and her boyfriend Asher end up breaking up, she finds someone else she really likes and he gets the girl he has been crushing on for forever. It is nice that I got a twist at the end. Making it not the same as the typical story that people usually write. Thanks for that refreshing new twist on a story Robin Palmer!
I would highly recommend reading this book. Its got a few twists and turns you wouldn't think were going to happen.
As for the movie? Well it's okay. But wrong! It doesn't follow the book. Except for some of the main points. Like the two main characters are the same. Their friends are the same. But how they meet is wrong. What he is doing the documentary for isn't accurate. And in the end they end up together, not just as best friends. Thanks Hollywood, you made into a typical princess story. Granted its still a good movie. But I like the book a TON better. So yeah, read it! :) And watch the movie, for fun!

This week I am reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I have read this before but I haven't finished the series and its been a while so I thought I would reread them from the beginning. Please join me in reading it and discussing it next week. Thanks!


Top Ten Healthy Snacks!

This week I want to tell you about my top ten healthy snacks I enjoy. Since I am trying to eat healthier I want to share what I do to eat healthier and allow you guys the chance to reply with your healthy snack choices. So here are mine:

1. Green Smoothies/Fruit Smoothies

I like having smoothies for breakfast mostly. They also make a great snack when you need something to help fill you up and hold you over until lunch or dinner. I like doing kale or spinach with fruit and milk. Here are some recipes from other websites:

Boulder Locavore
100 Days of Real Food
Simply Recipes

I also like to make fruit smoothies. I use frozen fruits and veggies because they don't go bad as fast and they still taste good! Plus you can get more out of season fruits that way.

2. Cucumbers and Bell Peppers!
I like eating cucumbers with a little salt and pepper and bell peppers with a little salt. It is delicious and very good for you! Way better than chips or ice cream anyways.
3. Celery and peanut butter!
Delicious and very good for you! The celery burns more calories than it takes to eat it and the peanut butter i good protein and helps energize you!

4. Pretzels!
Pretzels are a great treat to eat! Especially when you want something salty but don't want chips. Trust me, chips are my downfall, so I can honestly say that pretzels help! Now they don't completely make up for it, especially if you want a different flavor of chip, but when you just want salty and crunchy, they totally work!
5. Carrots and Ranch Dip!
This is a yummy snack! I use light ranch dressing too so it makes it more healthy. They are packed with fiber, vitamin A and beta carotene.
6. Hummus!
Hummus is delicious! If you haven't tried it, you definitely should! I like the roasted red pepper kind. MMM!!! Good! I eat it with chips, carrots, pretzels, celery, pretty much anything you want works.
7. Trail Mix!
Trail mix is the perfect snack! Healthy, full of protein and vitamins, crunchy, chewy, yummy, salty, sweet! Basically covers everything! And with so many different varieties to choose from, it becomes a snack that can be for anytime and not make you sick of it!
8. Granola Bars!
I like granola bars! Especially with a hint of chocolate or peanut butter. Yummy and good for you! I eat the Fiber One bars a lot. The chocolate ones are delicious! (Not sponsored, it is my own opinion.)
9. Cheese and Crackers!
Cut up some cheese cubes, put it on a cracker and enjoy! With all the varieties of cheese and crackers this snack can be made into any variety of yumminess! :)
10. Rice Cakes!
Yum! Rice cakes are delicious! I like the crunchyness and texture of them. My favorite is the white cheddar kind! And for a sweet treat I like the apple and cinnamon flavor. They are way healthier than chips and candy and other snacks.

So there you have it! 10 deliciously healthy snack time foods! What are some of your favorite healthy snacks?


Eating Healthy!

For the next six months I will be cutting out certain foods for one month in order to eat healthier and stay fit. This month I will be cutting out fast food and fried foods! 

As delicious as these foods are, they are NOT good for you! So for the month of January I will not eat fried and fast foods. I am hoping that by doing this I wont want to eat it very much after, therefore making me a healthier person! :)

As I go on this journey I will let you guys know how I feel and what is happening. If you would like to join me on this journey, well please do! Just post a comment and let me know what you are doing to be healthier.

What is the hardest thing for you to give up when it comes to food? Mine is chips! I have a hard time giving up chips! That and ice cream!


Friday Date Night- Bucket List Date!

Tonight my husband and I will be having a romantic evening date right here at home. We are going to make our 2014 Bucket List!

We have these cute matching journals where we will write our bucket lists and also our new years resolutions for ourselves and as a couple. It is an awesome and fun way to spend an evening together! (I got the idea from this wonderful blog: The Dating Divas.)
My husband and I don't have a bucket but it is still fun to write down our hopes and dreams, and next year we will do it again and reread what we wrote this year and see what we got done, what has changed and what we still need to accomplish!


Top Ten New Years Resolutions!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I can't believe it's 2014! Where has the time gone!? I feel like last year just started! And I have to admit, I didn't do very well with my New Years Resolutions last year... BUT! I have determined to do better this year! I am going to use THIS to help me build habits that stick! (Check it out!) But here is my list of resolutions for the year 2014! (Let's hope I make it this time haha)

#1. Exercise!
I want to exercise more! I say this every year, I know. And last year I did okay with it. At least I did better than the year before... maybe not great though haha! This year I am going to do much better! My husband is very supportive of me exercising and even got me exercising stuff for Christmas! I love it! :)

#2. Organize!
I am extremely bad at keeping things organized and clean! Seriously, I really am not good at it! This year I am changing that! Now that I have a baby I really want to make sure our house is clean and organized so he doesn't get into anything that would be bad for him. Here are some websites that help you to organize:
As always you can use Pinterest to find more. That is my favorite place to look for good ideas. (Follow me on Pinterest!)

#3. Be in my children's lives!
I have only one child at the moment and he is absolutely perfect! Of course I do want more though. I also want to make sure that my husband and will always be in our children's lives and that we always have a good time together! 

#4. Watch Less T.V.
I watch far too much T.V. Who's with me? I want to be better at getting other things done, so I am going to limit my T.V. time so I can do all the other things on my new years resolution list!

#5. Read More!
I LOVE to read! Honestly! It is the best! So I am making a goal to read a book a week! That may sound like a lot but I love to read and it really shouldn't be too hard. The most time I want to give myself is two weeks, you know, if it's a really really big book! Haha! I would also love to have a book club and read a book and discuss it with others, so whenever I finish a book I will be posting about it on my blog so others can discuss it with me! I will also be posting the next I will be reading on my blog so others can read it and participate too!

#6. Post more on my blogs!
I want to use my time I wasted on T.V. and turn it into a productive blog! I have this blog and a food blog. I want to make sure I post more on both. I want to do at least one food post a week and two to three posts on this blog a week.

#7. Try one new recipe a week!
In order to help me keep up with my blog posts on my food blog I want to do a new recipe every week! In order to do this I will need more recipes! (Obviously) Which means I will constantly be on the lookout for more fun recipes! And they could come from you! If you have a recipe you would like me to try let me know HERE! And I will gladly do a recipe swap and tell others about your blog as well! :)

#8. Do one new craft a month!
I want to try one new craft a month to help me with learning, posting on my blog, and just being creative and having fun! :)

#9. Budgeting and getting out of debt!
My husband and I are trying out a new way of budgeting. We got the idea from our friends and if it works out well I will post a template of it for everyone to see and use if you want! :) We are trying our best to be better about saving our money, how we spend it and how we get out of debt. I will be doing posts throughout the year on this subject. Here is a website where I found some good tips as well.

#10. Eat Healthier!
As I have mentioned in other posts, I have Mild Insulin Resistance. Which means I shouldn't be eating sweets and junk a lot because I am at risk for diabetes. So I want to do the best I can to eat healthy instead of eating junk, like chips, that I am VERY good at eating! Haha! So yeah, eat better! My goal is to cut down sweets and chips to about once a week. As in, only eat a small portion of chips and sweets once a week. I feel that you still need some of that junk occasionally, especially if you are used to eating it. Can't cut it out cold turkey! Makes it to hard to accomplish I think. So a little here or there will help me to be a healthier person.

 #11. Spend more time with my husband!
I added one more, because this is the most important! Keeping the romance alive! Do more date nights and learn to appreciate everything my husband does and not get mad at him for the little things. Check out this blog post!

What are some of YOUR New Years Resolutions? And how will you accomplish them?

Making Monday!

Today's random post is going to be about a wreath I made for my mom for Christmas! It was a fun and easy project! I hope everyone likes it!

I bought the straw wreath at Walmart.I also bought some ribbon as well. Then I used a couple old t-shirts and made the Pom-Poms on the front. You can use any colors you want. I used these colors to match my mom's house.
First I made the pom-poms. I lost my pictures for this project (lame computer!) BUT here is the website I got it from! Next I wrapped the ribbon around the wreath, glued it down and then glued on the pom poms!

It was easy and lots of fun to come up with ideas. What is your favorite colors to decorate with? What kind of wreaths have you made?