Ugly Sweater Party 2013!

We had our awesome Christmas party yesterday and it was fun! We had some friends come over and played games, ate deliciousness (one recipe found here), and had a white elephant gift exchange!
Okay so sadly only my husband and I and my parents wore ugly sweaters. But the gift exchange went well! I got some candy in a cute Disney princess box and my husband got a hat and gloves that were made for a women, haha. Obviously I took the hat and gloves and shared my candy with my hubby.

Next we played a game called In A Pickle. It was a pretty fun game, and simple enough that younger preteen kids could play too! (The box says 10+). Basically you have to be the person that plays the biggest noun on the pile of cards... yeah okay there is a little bit more to it then that, but it's harder to explain then it is to play. So just go play it and have a blast! :)
Well, until next time! I hope you all enjoy your holidays! :)

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