Top 10 Favorite Holidays!

Okay so I know I have slacked off on my top ten posts but here I go again. Since it is that time of year, I figured I would do a post on my favorite holidays! :) So hear we go!

#1 Christmas!!

DUH! Who doesn't love Christmas? I love it because its a time for family to come together and have a great time giving each other gifts, making each other presents, laughing, joyousness, fun, family... Seriously, its the best! :)

#2 Thanksgiving!
Yup! This food-filled holiday is my close second favorite. I LOVE food! I love to make it and eat it and share it! I also love all the wonderful family time that comes with this holiday too.

#3 Valentines Day!

Okay so yes I am a romantic. :) How can I not be with my wonderful husband being so amazing? But also this holiday is a double threat for me. Its also my birthday!! :) Yesiree! So not only do I get to be romantic with my hubby, but I also get to have a party! (Of course we celebrate my b-day with friends and family on a different day.)

Mario, Peach, Toad and Yoshi

#4 Halloween!
It's fun to dress up and have a party with friends where we all look awesomely ridiculous (or ridiculously awesome) in our costumes. Also, now that I have a kid, its going to be MORE fun! Taking him trick-or-treating and dressing him up. I love it! :)

#5 April Fools Day!
This is a fun day in my family! Fun to play some pranks and just get a good laugh with family. It's also my daddy's b-day! (No Joke!)

#6 4th of July!
Yay for patriotism! :) I love this country we live in, I am proud to be American! But I also love the parades, and breakfasts and fireworks. I also LOVE all the cute decor you can make for this holiday. (All holidays actually.)

#7 New Years!
I like staying up all night and partying with friends and family with lots of food and snacks, waiting for the countdown to a new year. I also like the promise of new beginnings, new starts, and the goals that go along with it.

#8 St. Patrick's Day!
I love all the green and orange. My family has a party with green and orange foods and just gets together to play games and have fun!

#9 Birthdays!
Ok, so not a holiday, but always fun and enjoyable. I love celebrating my family and friends birthdays with them. And lastly...

#10 Family Made Up Holidays!!
Ok, not real holidays either, but who doesn't love a date made up by your family to celebrate and enjoy together? Seriously it is my favorite! Mostly because no one else knows about it and its like a secret celebration between you and your family.

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