Okay gals! I want to remake my blog, and I need your help! I want to come up with a new name and look. I would also love a little logo of my own, but first let's think of a new name. I don't know what to do exactly but let me tell you about myself and then YOU can help me decide! So hear it is:
My name is Darci Stout, I am 24 and I am married to the greatest man for me, David, and we have a wonderful 3 month old son named Haden and a awesome black lab mix named Marley. We do outdoors stuff together, I like to cook (but I have a cooking blog already Inventions of the Not So Chef). I like making crafty things, and I am still learning to make crafty things. This blog started out as a project for school and turned into something I like doing. I want to put tips and tricks, crafts, things that I do with my family and more on my blog. I LOVE animals and want to one day have an animal rescue in my back yard haha (I wish). I also love to learn new things from other bloggers and hope to be able to give advice and ideas to others. My favorite color is purple and my favorite animal is ducks! And tigers!
Okay so that is me. Please help me think of a fun new way to make over my blog! :) Feel free to ask questions and such. Oh! And did I mention if I choose your suggestion I will feature YOUR blog (if you have one) on my blog so you can get more followers! :)
Thanks everyone!

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