Ugly Sweater Party 2013!

We had our awesome Christmas party yesterday and it was fun! We had some friends come over and played games, ate deliciousness (one recipe found here), and had a white elephant gift exchange!
Okay so sadly only my husband and I and my parents wore ugly sweaters. But the gift exchange went well! I got some candy in a cute Disney princess box and my husband got a hat and gloves that were made for a women, haha. Obviously I took the hat and gloves and shared my candy with my hubby.

Next we played a game called In A Pickle. It was a pretty fun game, and simple enough that younger preteen kids could play too! (The box says 10+). Basically you have to be the person that plays the biggest noun on the pile of cards... yeah okay there is a little bit more to it then that, but it's harder to explain then it is to play. So just go play it and have a blast! :)
Well, until next time! I hope you all enjoy your holidays! :)


Top 10 Favorite Holidays!

Okay so I know I have slacked off on my top ten posts but here I go again. Since it is that time of year, I figured I would do a post on my favorite holidays! :) So hear we go!

#1 Christmas!!

DUH! Who doesn't love Christmas? I love it because its a time for family to come together and have a great time giving each other gifts, making each other presents, laughing, joyousness, fun, family... Seriously, its the best! :)

#2 Thanksgiving!
Yup! This food-filled holiday is my close second favorite. I LOVE food! I love to make it and eat it and share it! I also love all the wonderful family time that comes with this holiday too.

#3 Valentines Day!

Okay so yes I am a romantic. :) How can I not be with my wonderful husband being so amazing? But also this holiday is a double threat for me. Its also my birthday!! :) Yesiree! So not only do I get to be romantic with my hubby, but I also get to have a party! (Of course we celebrate my b-day with friends and family on a different day.)

Mario, Peach, Toad and Yoshi

#4 Halloween!
It's fun to dress up and have a party with friends where we all look awesomely ridiculous (or ridiculously awesome) in our costumes. Also, now that I have a kid, its going to be MORE fun! Taking him trick-or-treating and dressing him up. I love it! :)

#5 April Fools Day!
This is a fun day in my family! Fun to play some pranks and just get a good laugh with family. It's also my daddy's b-day! (No Joke!)

#6 4th of July!
Yay for patriotism! :) I love this country we live in, I am proud to be American! But I also love the parades, and breakfasts and fireworks. I also LOVE all the cute decor you can make for this holiday. (All holidays actually.)

#7 New Years!
I like staying up all night and partying with friends and family with lots of food and snacks, waiting for the countdown to a new year. I also like the promise of new beginnings, new starts, and the goals that go along with it.

#8 St. Patrick's Day!
I love all the green and orange. My family has a party with green and orange foods and just gets together to play games and have fun!

#9 Birthdays!
Ok, so not a holiday, but always fun and enjoyable. I love celebrating my family and friends birthdays with them. And lastly...

#10 Family Made Up Holidays!!
Ok, not real holidays either, but who doesn't love a date made up by your family to celebrate and enjoy together? Seriously it is my favorite! Mostly because no one else knows about it and its like a secret celebration between you and your family.


Miscellaneous Mondays!

I am starting a new thing called Miscellaneous Mondays where I just blog about whatever I feel like at the time. It'll be awesome :)
Okay so today I am going to tell you about our families living room sleepover! Last night my hubby and I decided to have a little camp out/sleepover in the living room. We had a blast! We brought out the blankets and put them on the floor to help cushion it, then we had all our pillows surrounding us and watched Polar Express in our PJ's while cuddling together. Our cute cuddly little man joined us and then went to sleep in his swing while we watched the movie. It was a blast and a half! And I would definitely suggest doing this for a fun night. Try it with and without your kids! :) I'm sure it'll be fun both ways!



Okay gals! I want to remake my blog, and I need your help! I want to come up with a new name and look. I would also love a little logo of my own, but first let's think of a new name. I don't know what to do exactly but let me tell you about myself and then YOU can help me decide! So hear it is:
My name is Darci Stout, I am 24 and I am married to the greatest man for me, David, and we have a wonderful 3 month old son named Haden and a awesome black lab mix named Marley. We do outdoors stuff together, I like to cook (but I have a cooking blog already Inventions of the Not So Chef). I like making crafty things, and I am still learning to make crafty things. This blog started out as a project for school and turned into something I like doing. I want to put tips and tricks, crafts, things that I do with my family and more on my blog. I LOVE animals and want to one day have an animal rescue in my back yard haha (I wish). I also love to learn new things from other bloggers and hope to be able to give advice and ideas to others. My favorite color is purple and my favorite animal is ducks! And tigers!
Okay so that is me. Please help me think of a fun new way to make over my blog! :) Feel free to ask questions and such. Oh! And did I mention if I choose your suggestion I will feature YOUR blog (if you have one) on my blog so you can get more followers! :)
Thanks everyone!