Top 10 Tuesday!

I am stealing an idea from a friends blog (she gave me permission) and starting a top 10 list for Tuesdays. Today I am going to start with my top 10 favorite ways to exercise. Okay so I don't know many people that love to exercise. Who does?! Seriously! It's hard work! But I have tried to be better at exercising and so I was inspired to write a blog post about it. So, TA-DA! Here is my list!

#10. Pilates:
I put a lot of thought into my top ten and honestly, Pilates is the least favorite of the favorites. Why? Because it is stinking hard! Seriously! Fun, but hard! I went with my sister to a Pilates class once and we had fun. It was a great workout, I really felt good after, but it forced me to use muscles I was unaware that I had haha. I would recommend this type of workout to someone who wants to be pushed to the limits in a fast paced environment.

#9. Boxing:
Next up is boxing! I went once on a date (weird date but it was a fun workout). I actually enjoyed boxing. I only went the once but I would sure enjoy going again. Especially with my hubby, it would be awesome! :) It was a good workout for sure! And it was good for self defense.

#8. Denise Austin Videos:
Thanks to my mother for this one! She introduced me to Denise Austin. You can find her videos on youtube. (look them up). She has different workouts, but they are fun! I like her country dancing one haha :)

#7. The Tracy Anderson Method
I recently bought a video at Walmart of Tracy Anderson's workout routine. It was hard, but really fun! It had some dancing techniques to it. Very fun! Try it out! Seriously! :)

 #6. Swimming!
I love to swim! I did it in high school for a year and I had fun! It's a leisurely way to exercise. You can take it easy but still feel good and still get a workout. It's a good all over workout too. If you haven't tried it, you should! Plus you can go swimming with friends and have fun and get a workout at the same time!

#5. The Curves Workout
I used to go to curves with my mom and it is amazing! Their routine is a fun easy way to exercise. Try out their week free trial. It is pretty dang fun! :) Nice, easy and fun! (I can't stop saying fun lol!)

#4. Water Aerobics!
Okay, so no this isn't the same as swimming. Water aerobics is more fun! I did it while I was pregnant. I highly recommend it. I loved it! Everyone should try it! :)

#3. Walking
I am not a runner. I have asthma and it is super hard for me to run without feeling like I am going to faint, and puke. So there fore I don't run. I do want to try and get better at jogging and maybe someday do a 1K or something. Anyways, I think walking is a great exercise. It is easy and can be anywhere you want! :) Plus I can take my baby and my dog with me :)

#2. Dancing
Dancing is a great way to have fun and lose weight. That is basically all there is to say about it... haha just kidding! Anyways, even if you don't like to go out dancing with friends you can always pump up the tunes while you are cleaning and get your groove on by yourself! So fun! Plus you can learn any kind of dance and it is exercise! :)

And the #1 workout I love: YOGA!!
Yoga is fun and relaxing and awesome! :) I love it! Seriously, so fun! And its super fun to go to the park and do yoga in the sun! Also its fun to do it with your friends! The best workout ever! Well that's all! What are your favorite workouts?? Leave a comment and let me know.
And no I can not do that yoga move. 

Have a great day! :)

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