Top 10 Favorite Things to do at Christmas Time:

Since the holidays are upon us I thought I should write about my 10 favorite things to do around Christmas time. And since I love all of them so much they are in no special order. Well here it goes:

#1. Any Act of Service:
I love helping people out anytime of year but it seems even more special around the holidays. (Maybe because more people focus on it?) Anyways, I love making stuff for people, visiting with those who need company, making meals for others, donating old clothes, anything that comes up really. :)  What is your favorite act of service?

#2. Cookie Party!
I love baking around the holidays! And having a cookie party is an awesome way to get more recipes from others for more yummy cookies to make next time! So how about it? Who wants a cookie party? And what is your favorite cookie?

#3. Ugly Sweater Party!
Speaking of parties, I love ugly sweater parties! They are so fun! You can have a grand old time laughing at each others sweaters, and an even greater time coming up with the awesome sweater in the first place! :) Not sure how this party came about to begin with, but I know everyone loves it! :)

#4. Pie Baking!
Like I said, I love to bake, and my favorite thing? PIES!! :) Seriously, who doesn't like pies?? Weirdos, that's who! Haha My favorite pie is pumpkin, as is my husbands, but I'll try any pie! What is your favorite pie?
#5. Caroling!
I LOOOOVE to sing!! :) And Christmas songs are like the best songs to sing!! I Find them highly enjoyable! And I have a lot of favorites, one of which is Oh, Holy Night. Plus you can dress up and give cookies to those who answer the door. Very fun! What is your favorite holiday song?

#6. Gift Making!
I love making gifts for people. Homemade gifts are the best! To give and receive! And especially to make! What is your favorite gift to make? And to receive?

#7. Gift Wrapping!
I love wrapping gifts and coming up with creative ways to wrap gifts. I like putting things in something that would throw the person of of what they are really getting. It can be a fun surprise!

#8. Decorating!
Decorating for any holiday can be awesome! BUUTT Christmas is my FAVORITE!!! I love the tree and the ornaments, the stockings and I am super excited for all the cute things I can make with my kids! :) Yippie!

#9. Drinking Hot Chocolate
One of my favorite drinks, you ask? Hot freaking chocolate! I LOOOVE it!! Seriously! It is the best!I drink it all year round, but even more so when its cold outside. I love mint hot cocoa, my husband loves regular milk chocolate kind. Add whip cream and we have heaven. What is your favorite?

#10. Watching Christmas Movies!
I love watching Christmas movies. My absolute favorite is Elf, it is hilarious!!! I love cuddling up with my sweetheart and drinking hot cocoa while watching funny, heartfelt and wonderful movies about this time of giving and family. My family always watches A Christmas Story too, its a family favorite. What is your favorite movie to watch around the holidays?

So there is my list! What are some of your favorite things about the holidays? Leave your answer in the comments, I would love to hear what you have to say!

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