My Struggle

So my beautiful sister-in-law just decided to start a blog about her struggles with weight loss and PCOS. It is a very personal thing for her to be sharing. I was inspired by her bravery to start posting about some of my personal struggles. I have had struggles with quite a few things and I want to share in the hopes that I can help someone else with their struggles. So this post is to open up the subjects I want to talk about. If anyone has questions about any of the things I will be talking about, I will do my best to answer and help any way I can.
So the things that I want to talk about are: depression, I have had a few struggles with it. I also want to talk about my struggle to get pregnant, my struggle with Insulin Resistance, and other things. I will continue to write things about my spiritual experiences and other things I feel prompted to write about. Again, if you have questions, feel free to ask!
Thanks! I am excited to start writing about these things!

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  1. I am touched Darci! And thank you for being so brave! It was your example in having a blog first and doing your video blogs that actually helped push me to finally make one! Love you!