My Calling in Life

My calling in life. What is it? Everyone has one right? That thing you know you were just born to do. Nothing else would fit you better. It something you honestly will love forever. Well guys, I have always (as far back as I can remember) known what I wanted to do with my life. Be a mom. Some of you may laugh or question; “seriously?? You just want to be a mom??”, but yes, I have always just wanted to be a mom. I have always loved the idea of it! To raise and nurture and be the best I can for that loving little life. It’s heaven to me. Honestly, that’s the truth. I WANT to be a mom! And soon I will be!
It makes me tear up a little to think how blessed I am to have a wonderful spirit coming to me in two months’ time. I can’t believe I am being trusted with such a task! I only hope I will be the best I can be. And that motivates me every day to try a little harder to be a little better. Seriously people, I can’t wait!
Also my hubby has found what we think is going to be his calling in life. He wants to be a physical therapist. And the more we think about it, the more we think it is the perfect job for him! He loves to help people and he loves seeing people reach their goals! He also loves fitness and health stuff. I love him for it! He will do great at this.
He is applying to get into BYU-Idaho so he can go into that degree and get an education. We are super excited for these steps in our lives that we are taking. It is going to be an awesome life!

Anyways, have a great day everyone! I hope you all find your calling in life! 

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