Humans! Honestly!

Today I was reminded of the one blaring fact that we are only human. We are selfish and ignorant and sometimes rude. We generally don't think about others we randomly meet. We don't think that maybe that person has a loved one in the hospital and that's why they cut us off. We don't think about how someone's child might be crying in the middle of the food aisle because they just fell and hurt their arm. We don't think that others could possibly have it as hard as us and need someone to cut them some slack. 

I am totally guilty of this. I get road rage and yell at the other cars. They don't know I do it but I do. I get mad when someone walks slow in front of me in the store. Or if the lines are really long. Or a light takes forever. Or someone's kid is loud. No one is free of the guilt of being angry for no good reason.

These things I mentioned, they are uncontrollable things. I can't control other people, or stores or traffic. I can't make people be nice to me or let me go ahead of them in line because I'm pregnant and my husband has a broken leg. I can't do anything about it. All I can do is control me.

The way I act and the way I feel about things. That is all I have control of. When this wonderful blessing of a son comes into my life, I can't even control him! I will love him uncontrollably but I will not be able to control when he is hungry or poopy or when his teeth come in. I can only control me.

So when we think this way and change how we see the world and the people in it, will we allow it to change us too? Will we allow it to open our eyes and realize that, no we can not control others but we can control how we see others? We can change our negative mood. We can decide to take a deep breath and slow down before we react. We no longer have to think that life sucks because we can't control it. Because we can control how we feel about it. 

Life can be wonderful if stop trying to control it and live it. Choose to be happy now, and fight to keep it that way. That's not to say life can't be sad or frustrating or irritating. It very much can and will be!! But the way to get through it is to decide now that you will be happy. Then when you need to grieve or be mad you can feel that way but move on quickly instead of wallow in your self pity. And it is self pity after a while. The world won't stop and wait for you. It's going to keep on plugging on and no one is going to think about what happened again. Except you and your loved ones. 

So grieve, be mad, but move on. And realize, that no one is perfect. We all deserve respect and kindness and love. And if we all acted this way then, by golly, the world would indeed be a better place.

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