Why do we wear what we wear?

So I have seen a few blogs, posts and Facebook pages asking women of the LDS church to wear pants to church on Sundays. They say it is more comfortable and that it makes them feel more equal to the men. My take on is it that they feel that wearing dresses and skirts is old fashioned and that we should no longer do that. I do not however agree with that. I do not think it is "old fashioned" or a "show of the times". Sure dress pants can be more comfortable and are certainly professional, but we don't go to church to sit around being comfy. If everyone sat around being comfortable the whole time I think that would cause people to lose focus and not really hear what is happening or learn from it; we go to be edified and uplifted. Yes we should act mature but its not our career, we don't need to be professionals at it. We just simple need to participate and learn from it.

To me wearing a dress or skirt is how we show respect and obedience to the Lord. We are commanded to wear the best attire we have. Do to certain circumstances I know that that doesn't always mean dresses and skirts. I also realize that wearing the best they have can make people uncomfortable to come to church because they don't want others to look down on them for what they don't have. I know its wrong to look down on others for what they wear when they can't afford nicer things. I'm not saying anyone should look down on anyone. I am simply writing that in my opinion dresses are better than pants for church attire.

And if you know someone that can't afford the nicer things, donate some of your own to them, get others to donate too, make them something nice or go shopping with them and buy them something nice. If they are asking why you are doing this tell them its because you want them to feel comfortable and welcomed at church. You love them and think that their salvation is worth the money or time spent doing this thing for them. For me that would be true. I think everyone is worth the money and time.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson  has this to say about what we wear to church:

"It offends God when we come into His house, especially on His holy day, not groomed and dressed in the most careful and modest manner that our circumstances permit.
I hope you will think and feel and dress and act in ways that show reverence and respect for sacred things, sacred places, sacred occasions."
Basically look at it like this: on our wedding day, we women want to look our absolute best, like a princess or angel; we want to feel that way too. So what do we wear? Dresses! Big, puffy, lacy, smooth, beautiful, wonderful, soft dresses. They don't all look the same but they all make us feel the same. We feel like we are on top of the world, like we deserve to be princesses! Yes, a lot of your happiness is coming from marrying your best friend, but if you wore a shirt and pants would it feel half as special? No! So therefore, dresses are the best thing we can wear, they make a difference in how we feel. Same goes for church, we want to wear our best so we wear a dress or skirt. Granted, the dresses we wear to church are much more conservative, but that is because we shouldn't wear things to church that might distract ourselves or others from what we are all there for. Which is to learn.
I fully believe that dresses and skirts cause us to act in a manner that is respectful and reverent for church. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of behavior when in a dress. As men do when they wear a suit.
"You are a Saint of the great latter-day dispensation—look the part." Elder D. Todd Christofferson
Some of you readers might think that I am "brainwashed" or too conservative to speak my mind against the church or men. You would be wrong. I am speaking my mind, this is how I feel and what I believe to be true. I have not been raised to be a pushover or to not ask questions and learn. I still don't know everything which is why I will always continue to learn and ask. On everything I write I will know how I feel and what I believe. I don't just follow the commandments of the Lord, I try to understand why exactly we would need to follow them. And sometimes the answer is simply to show obedience to the Lord. Maybe that certain thing we need to avoid wouldn't kill us, maybe it wouldn't even hurt us, but are we willing to follow the Lord's commandments in order to get to the Celestial Kingdom? Sometimes that is all it is about; obedience to the Lord.
I implore you to comment and ask me questions. If I don't know the answer I will find it out and post on it when I do. I want to help clear up any mishaps or confusion that I can for anyone out there.  
If you want more information on why we dress a certain way here are some links you can look at:
http://www.lds.org/new-era/1971/12/standards-of-dress-and-grooming?lang=eng (This one is in regards to BYU standards, but it still has some good points about why we dress modestly.)

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