So one thing that I don't (but also kind of do) like about being pregnant is the cravings. I don't like it because we don't have a ton of extra money to be spending on all those wacky cravings I get. Actually they aren't that wacky. Sometimes I just want some chips and sour gummies. Again we can't always afford it. So that's not fun. But what is fun is when we can afford a little something and I do get what I am wanting! Hehe baby gets what baby wants! Actually it hasn't been too bad, except for the times when I am hungry and want nothing that is in the house! Bleh! That is the worst! It's like suddenly everything in the house makes me want to throw up, yet I am hungry! No fun. But I assume that it will all be worth it when I hold the little angel in my hands in five months.
The craziest food I have craved was probably green olives (which now make me sick).
The thing I have craved the most is milk. I always want milk. Does the body good.
My favorite part about being pregnant so far is that I am going to be a mom at the end of it! Can't wait!
My least favorite is that I don't always feel pregnant. I want the baby to be bigger so I can feel it moving around! Haha I know that might annoy me later but I just don't always feel pregnant; even though my tummy is almost always grumbling and got something moving in it (feels like gas bubbles lol) or I get cramps and feel like I worked out.

Anyways if anyone else has any wacky stories about foods they craved or what they liked least or most about being pregnant go ahead and share them! I'd love to hear from you guys!

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