My Philosophy

So this is my philosophy on how to change. Everyone has something about themselves that they don't exactly like and this is my idea of how to go about changing that. (This is more for personality traits, not physical ones. But if it is applicable use it) :)
Step Number One:
Admit that you want to change that thing. Whether it be for how you worry too much or if you spend too much money or whatever. Admit that you have a problem and you want to change it.
Step Number Two:
Make a list! Make a list of why you want to change. Without motivation no one would get anywhere. If there is no end in sight, why work for it right? So make a list of why you want to change! (For family, for savings, for a house, a car, a happy relationship, to just be happier... etc...) Go all out too!! Cut out pictures out of a magazine, get pictures of your family, a car you want, a fancy house... Etc... Paste them all together on poster paper and put it up somewhere you can see it. So you always know what you’re working for!
Step Number Three:
Make another list!! This one you aren't going to like as much as the first. THIS one is going to be a list of HOW you can work towards reaching your goals and make that change. It is the work list so it is going to be a list of things you might not want to do or a list of things that seem hard but put them down on the list. Think of the hardest things you can and put them on the list. Then think of the easiest things and put them as well. Put things you might have already done towards your goal, and then you can check them off.  And you'll feel more accomplished. :)
Step Number Four:
Get to work! Now all you have to do is get to work on what you wrote, if you ever need motivation then just look at you awesome motivational list or poster!

Good luck everyone!! I know you can do it!! (And I guess this list can work for physical things, like if you think you have a little extra weight you want to get rid of or something.)

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