3 Days 3 DAYS 3 DAYS!!!!! :D

I get to go home and see my family and my friends and the ones I love in 3 DAYS!! I am so excited!! AAAHHH!!! haha :) I love CA and the weather and the people I have met but I want to go home!! So want to go home! I miss my family and my friends. I am excited to go get my life started. Career here I come!!! :) It'll be hard and frustrating but I can do it!! I have faith in myself!
I am not going to worry about dating guys right now because I have to focus on my job. I don't need a distraction in the form of a man haha. I still have boy crazy friends but they can have all the boys right now. I'll take them when I want them haha.
I need to find my friend a job. She is being lazy and not finding a job. I love her to death but she is wearing down her friends because they are trying to help her and she is doing nothing! AH! haha Anyways, I cant wait to be home!! :) I have nothing else to say haha. Later!


  1. The best quote from you right now: "I don't need a distraction in the form of a man."


  2. Bahahaha yeah it happens though :)