Living in Provo!!

I now live in Provo. It is awesome! I have been here for a month. First I lived in Pleasant Grove with some friends of the family, who are super awesome people!! I love their family! I am thankful that they let me stay there. But as great at it was I couldn't stay forever. So I found an apartment to live in and it is awesome! Its a small apartment that only has four girls in it and two rooms, so we share with one other girl. My roommates are super awesome and nice though!! I love them! I am so grateful I took this place!! I was a little afraid of getting bad roommates but I got great ones! I was also afraid of going to a new ward where I know no one, but it turned out ok. Better than ok! :) Oh also, I didn't know any of my roommates before I moved in and I was scared, but honestly I am so happy I took the chance! I have lots of new friends and they are awesome!! I met this guy named Tyrone who played halo ODST with me and I won because I have been practicing and I am getting better!! :D Also my roommates names are Myra, she shares my room with me, and Jen and Karen, they share the other room. They are so awesome! Anyways I will write more another day so goodbye! Loves!

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