Dawn of a New Age

My best friend, Miranda (used to be Whitten) Meeks is now married!! Its so so awesome!! :) I am way excited for her and Logan! Its the start of a whole new life for them! And I am excited for her! I am currently not dating anyone, which is perfectly ok by me haha! I so don't want to be in a relationship right now! Too much trouble! I am trying to just get my career started and get back into school. I don't need to worry about stupid boys! haha :) I am moving back down to Provo soon! :) It'll be awesome! And my other best friend Jessi is coming with me! We are going to have lots of fun! And, I atleast, wont be too worried about boys. Jessi probably will find guys to come and make trouble in my "non-dating" lifestyle haha. But whatevs! :) You ever felt that you were connected to someone and you don't know or understand why? Yeah I feel that way sometimes and it sucks occasionally! Like when you meet an awesome new friend and they move away! Its sad! But its ok as long as you stay in touch! :) haha anywho ha laters!