Ready, Set, SMILE!!! :D

I find the easiest way to get through life is to smile. I honestly believe smiling alone can change lives. So here I go!! Time to change some lives today! I am going to smile at everyone and compliment others when I can. Today is a day of positivity! If anyone even reads this they can feel free to join in!! I love smiling and having a good time. its like the best thing ever! Smile, laugh, have fun, be happy! :D Everyone needs to just smile there way through life! Thats all I have to say haha :) Loves!


3 Days 3 DAYS 3 DAYS!!!!! :D

I get to go home and see my family and my friends and the ones I love in 3 DAYS!! I am so excited!! AAAHHH!!! haha :) I love CA and the weather and the people I have met but I want to go home!! So want to go home! I miss my family and my friends. I am excited to go get my life started. Career here I come!!! :) It'll be hard and frustrating but I can do it!! I have faith in myself!
I am not going to worry about dating guys right now because I have to focus on my job. I don't need a distraction in the form of a man haha. I still have boy crazy friends but they can have all the boys right now. I'll take them when I want them haha.
I need to find my friend a job. She is being lazy and not finding a job. I love her to death but she is wearing down her friends because they are trying to help her and she is doing nothing! AH! haha Anyways, I cant wait to be home!! :) I have nothing else to say haha. Later!


I want to help!!

I have a passion for service and helping people. But sadly I rarely get to do service for others. I would love to do more, so much more. That is why I am going to volunteer at Utah Food Bank. I want to do as much as I can! So as soon as I get back to Utah and out of Cali I am going to contact the food bank and see what I can do to help. I strongly believe we could all do a little more each week (or even day) to help. And we should!! I don't think people realize just how good they have it sometimes. Sure your poor and you live paycheck to paycheck, but you have a roof over your head, a place to lay down and sleep, food to eat. I saw on TV this program showing people in the south who are too poor to feed their children so they starve so the children eat what little they can get. Big families living in small houses with their relatives living there too, only two or three of them actually have jobs. Children who sleep in campers and tents, who live out of cars! I am not a wealthy person at all. But I have a better life than them, and therefore I should help. In any way I can. Donating time to help another is the best way. Money helps, sure, but some cant donate money. Time, time can change a life. It is hard to find time, yes, but I know we could all rearrange our schedules to fit one hour a week of service into it. Or even just help out a friend. Listen, give advice when needed, and be there for somebody. Make dinner for a friend who's been sick, clean someone house for them, yard work, help a friend who's moving, pick someone up, drop someone off. There are a million things we could do to help! Little things! When you bake those cookies for your kids or friends or for fun or whatever, save a couple on the side for a friend you realize has been down lately, or who you haven't seen in a while.

I think you guys realize how passionate I am about this. I really want to make a difference in the world. To people and animals alike. (I am going to volunteer at an animal shelter too :) hehe) I really cant wait to get started. It may be a lot of work and it may be a bit stressful. But I know it WILL be worth it! :)


I'm in California!!

Yesterday, Sunday July 25th 2010 I arrived in Sacramento CA. I am here for grooming academy and it is awesome!! Well, sorta. Cali rocks and the weather is nice, plus my hotel is awesome. I have my own room and bathroom and it has a kitchen and living room and three TV's, one in the living room and one in each room. I like it a lot. Anyways I started academy today. It was pretty easy and awesome as heck. Not really lol. We did paper work and I washed a miniature poodle and it was easy. We also made phone calls to try to get people to come in for grooms and we got a few and left a bunch of messages. So hopefully we'll get more calls tomorrow. But anyways, I don't have much else to say. So later for now!



I just looked back at my blogs and a lot of them were posted on Tuesdays! Whats with that? I have no idea! Because I sure as heck don't plan it that way! haha But anyways, that was just a random thought. ok bye now! :)


OK fans of the blog, if you have been reading since the beginning you'll understand my excitement. I finally FINALLY get to go to grooming academy! I have been waiting for over a year now and this coming Monday I am being shipped off to Folsom CA where I will live in a hotel for a month. I can NOT wait!! It will be so exciting!! I am going to finally be a groomer! (well sort of) I will be on my way to be a groomer. I have a month of academy and then I have to go to the American Fork store to work with their Salon Manager (since we don't have one) and groom 100 dogs before I can be considered a groomer. But hey, almost every good and worthwhile thing takes time and effort, so I am ok with it. I am nervous about packing and getting to the airport and flying and landing and getting to the hotel and then finding where I will be working for the next month. But once I am done with all that I am sure I'll be fine!! :) I am excited I get to see people I haven't seen in forever! Its been years since I was in Cali. I cant wait! AAHH!!! :) hehe ok ok ok I'll come down. A little... :) This still presents the problem of what to go into in school, but I can figure that out later when I am done with this stuff at work. Anyways readers, I'll post again another day! :) Peace!


Living in Provo!!

I now live in Provo. It is awesome! I have been here for a month. First I lived in Pleasant Grove with some friends of the family, who are super awesome people!! I love their family! I am thankful that they let me stay there. But as great at it was I couldn't stay forever. So I found an apartment to live in and it is awesome! Its a small apartment that only has four girls in it and two rooms, so we share with one other girl. My roommates are super awesome and nice though!! I love them! I am so grateful I took this place!! I was a little afraid of getting bad roommates but I got great ones! I was also afraid of going to a new ward where I know no one, but it turned out ok. Better than ok! :) Oh also, I didn't know any of my roommates before I moved in and I was scared, but honestly I am so happy I took the chance! I have lots of new friends and they are awesome!! I met this guy named Tyrone who played halo ODST with me and I won because I have been practicing and I am getting better!! :D Also my roommates names are Myra, she shares my room with me, and Jen and Karen, they share the other room. They are so awesome! Anyways I will write more another day so goodbye! Loves!



We all get trials in our lives. They make us grow and become stronger. They build relationships that are good for us. Hopefully we don't get into bad relationships. If you are in a relationship or situation that is getting you no where or is bringing you down then chances are something needs to change. We all should take time out of our busy lives to evaluate what is going wrong and how we can change it. We also should sit down and take a look at ourselves. One thing I try to do is always be myself. It is hard sometimes to live up to the standards I know I want to live and to be the person I know I am inside. But I still try. I try to do what is right and what I know will attract the right kind of people to me. I hope to be a great example to others.
I am sick of attracting guys who just want me for the physical aspects of a relationship. They aren't the kind of guys I want to marry. They aren't the type that can take me through the temple. I know I'm not a horrible person at all, but something about my attitude or the way I act around guys or something in my appearance needs to change so that I can attract the type of guy that is going to be able to take me to the temple. I am currently working on that. I am also trying to stay out of a relationship. I am mad at guys for being stupid and jerks. (Not ALL guys but I don't want to deal with any right now.) So far I'm doing good but we'll see what happens when I move to Provo and get thrust into that dating atmosphere. But hey, I'll keep it up for as long as I can. I know some people think I'm too much of a flirt and me being single wont last long but to them I say HA! I am changing that right now! :p
I really wish I could sell my contract. I have been trying for forever now! And it sucks because I keep getting people that want it but then they change their minds and don't want it anymore. And it sucks because I tell the managers that someone wants it but then I have to turn around and tell them that the person changed their mind. This has happened at least four times now. Very annoying! :/ So please friends, pray for me to get rid of this contract! I feel that I need to be in Provo in May sometime and this is probably a trial I just have to get through, but its hard! I need help! So I pray. And pray, and pray! I know it'll be sold soon enough but it is still annoying. GRR!
I wish I wasn't scared to sing in front of people. I LOVE to sing!! But that fear of messing up in front of people makes it so I cant go up and sing in front of people. I am trying so hard to get over that but its coming slowly. I had a friend who was going to help me with that but then he moved away. :( Sad day I know. But its ok I'll get over it on my own haha. Maybe. Eventually. I am going to take voice lessons at UVU. :) It is awesome!! Or will be haha. I am excited! But anyways I am done writing now. I'll update more some other time.


Dawn of a New Age

My best friend, Miranda (used to be Whitten) Meeks is now married!! Its so so awesome!! :) I am way excited for her and Logan! Its the start of a whole new life for them! And I am excited for her! I am currently not dating anyone, which is perfectly ok by me haha! I so don't want to be in a relationship right now! Too much trouble! I am trying to just get my career started and get back into school. I don't need to worry about stupid boys! haha :) I am moving back down to Provo soon! :) It'll be awesome! And my other best friend Jessi is coming with me! We are going to have lots of fun! And, I atleast, wont be too worried about boys. Jessi probably will find guys to come and make trouble in my "non-dating" lifestyle haha. But whatevs! :) You ever felt that you were connected to someone and you don't know or understand why? Yeah I feel that way sometimes and it sucks occasionally! Like when you meet an awesome new friend and they move away! Its sad! But its ok as long as you stay in touch! :) haha anywho ha laters!


Shortest Relationship Ever!

So... I said last time that I was in a relationship. It didn't last long haha. Less then a week later I had talked to him and told him that I couldn't do it anymore. I didn't want to be in a relationship. I felt nothing when we cuddled or kissed. My heart wasn't in it. Honestly I just don't know what I want... But right now being in a relationship would go on the don't want list. Dating is fun and I'm up for that. As long as they aren't trying to rush into anything more serious. I guess I'm just scared to be in a relationship. I am scared of getting hurt again. I don't want the pain. But at the same time I am scared of missing my opportunity for true love and never finding the right one. Its a complicated mess I'm in. I'm not letting myself get too close to a guy for fear of hurting him or getting hurt. But I am working on it... slowly... :) It'll happen one day. Until then I am going to just try and do the best I can to stay positive and happy and be a better me. By doing that we can become better and be worthy to be led down the right path in our lives. So peace out guys! And don't worry, be happy! :)

P.S. He took it well! :) We are still friends and talk. I just hope he doesn't wait around for me forever, because I'm not sure when I'll be ready and if I'll even like him like that by then.


Cross Roads

Life is full of choices. Good, bad, unimportant, life changing. They all happen. We come to a cross roads and we have to choose. Some things are easy and don't affect our lives much at all. Things such as choosing what cereal to eat and what color toothbrush we want, they don't matter much in the long run. But things like relationships and where to go to school and where to live do matter. Those are the choices that change our lives. For better or for worse. They aren't easy either. They take a lot of pondering and reflection to figure out. We need to think it through before making a decision. Sometimes we don't have a lot of time to decide before whats bothering us takes affect. But we should still do our best to figure things out first... I guess what I want to say is, I'm in a relationship. The guy is really nice and fun but I'm not sure I'm ready for it after this last time... Actually I know I am not. The only problem is, how do I break it to him? He seems really attached and I don't want to hurt him. But I just cant do it. I am not ready for it, ya know? :/

I moved out. With Rachel. It is awesome and rocks! I love being on my own! Even with rent and stuff haha. I like the feeling of growing I get from it. I am close to my family so that rocks! :) My mom and dad are always here for me! I love them! :) Oh also my BEST FRIEND Miranda is getting married in March!!! ITS SO AWESOME!!! :) I cant wait! I get to be maid of honor! and I cant wait!! YAY!! :) Anyways, work is still great! and besides not wanting to be in a relationship I am doing ok. Anyways, that all for now.