Looking Up

Things are starting to look up for me! :) Maybe because I started looking up more, to our Heavenly Father. I am praying more and reading my scriptures every night, no matter how tired! I am finally becoming happy! :) A lot of it is because of the Lord of course, but also my friends and family! Who are always here for me no matter what! I love them! :) Also I dyed my hair and it totally rocks! :) I love doing something different to my hair! :) And I just love change! haha! I am going to try and move out with my friend Rachel soon, but if I cant I am going to try to find a different place to live in also. I want to move out. It's good for the soul sometimes. lol Plus my family will be right here in town so it'll be ok :) anyways, peace out my little brownies! hehe :)

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