Daddy Talks

I know I just wrote that sad, depressing post just the other day, but I have had a change of heart. My dad and I had the most life changing talk of my life! While everyone else was busy trying to make me happy in, sadly, the only way they knew how (which was to tell me they are sorry, it'll be OK, and it takes time) my loving father told me what I could DO in the meantime. Yes it hurts, yes it'll take loads of time, yes, eventually, it'll be OK. But what frustrated me and depressed me the most was that I didn't understand the reasoning behind the break up and I was sick of not knowing what to DO and all anyone would tell me is it was going to take time. I sadly was arguing and yelling at good friends (sorry guys) but not anymore. My dad and I had a long talk last night where we talked about what could possibly be the reasoning and what I should do in the meantime to improve and better myself so that I may one day be led by the promptings of Heavenly Father to the man I'm supposed to be with. Yes it could be this guy I was just with, but if it isn't think of how horrible it would be to be stuck with the wrong person for forever! I cant think of anything worse! And while I still hope it is this man I am more willing to listen to what Heavenly Father is telling me. I want to be with the right person and I know that I will be if I listen to the Lord. He works in different ways for every person on this earth, for every person is different and needs to hear and be told and led to Him in different ways. Sometimes its through others that we come to Him. Sometimes we are too caught up in what we want that we don't really listen for His answer and His guidance. And even if He approves and actually wants us to have that too we still need to ask and come unto Him. We need to put him first. Sometimes we need to prove that no matter what we ARE putting Him first, that no matter what it is we want, we are trying to want what the Lord wants for us for that is ultimately the best thing we could possibly get. Sometimes we are tested in difficult ways that are hard for us, but would it really be a test if it wasn't hard? Heavenly Father puts us through these trials to strengthen us, and we have two choices, come unto Him, or turn away. Ultimately I want to be with Him so I am trying to draw closer to Him. Talking with my dad has made me realize I need to do this with all my heart. And so in order to know what Heavenly Father wants for me I am drawing closer to him. I have made goals to help me do so. I recommend this to everyone. Read them often, work on them everyday and when you are done with that, move on to new goals but keep doing the things you set out to do. Keep pressing forward and becoming the best possible you you can be! For that is all that our Heavenly Father asks of us and it is all we can do. He provides a way to make up the rest of our imperfections. The Atonement is there to make us perfect in the end, for we can not reach perfection in this life. Not alone. Through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior we can make it back to be with our loving Father in Heaven. And only through Him can this be done. With out His atoning sacrifice we would never make it home. I know this is true with all my heart and that is why, even through the pain I know I can make it through, for our Savior has already felt the pain of what I felt, He went through our pains and sorrow with us, He carried us through it. And now we can be stronger happier people, and we can help uplift others. And I hope we all try to do so. Love ya!


  1. awesome! this is a great way to think of life and to get through trials! i wish i was as smart as your dad lol :)

    Love you Darci!

  2. Thanks! Yeah my dad freakin rocks! :) Love ya!