I like having a choice, but sometimes there is too much to choose from and I cant decide! I know we all get that way but it still sucks. I want to just say screw it all and not even worry about it. But I know I cant do that because these decisions could change my life! Not all are that big but some are and its hard. OH! I chose to just become a groomer finally! I think its the best decision. I'll make more money in the long run, its something I could do out of my home someday and I really really like it so far! :) I do have to wait to go to the grooming academy until maybe January. They don't have it in Oct. Nov. or Dec. and I'm not good enough to go next month, so I have to wait. Plus I have way too much going on next month. And the other "life altering" (I put it in quotes because it could or could not be life altering) decision has to do with boys. As always they play a part in the life of a girl, and sometimes it could be a big part. And no I'm not dating anyone, but there are a lot of possibilities at the moment and I don't know who I like more. So at the moment I'm just going to be friends with everyone and see what happens. If they like me and want to date me then they can be the ones to try for me. I'm sick of being the one who tries to find out if a guy likes me or not and if they want to date me. They can try for me now! So yeah... That's about my life right now, work and boys haha sounds good right? Well, sometimes it is! :) Later!

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  1. dang you have so much going on in your life right now! and such a nice selection of boys to pick and chose from haha ;)