Starting a Career

So I work at Petsmart, yes I love it, But here is the thing, I cant decide whether I want to go into dog grooming or dog training... Not sure, but I think I can do both. I just have to decide which one to do first. I was also thinking of maybe going to school for photography. But we'll see what happens. I sometimes wish I could skip this part of my life and just go straight to the part where I have a husband who does all the working and I can just do stuff around the house, but then I would miss the parts of life that would mean alot, like falling in love with that person and how we met and all the trials I that would make me grow. So in some ways I'm happy to be single and have a decision of what I want to go into and in some ways I wish searching for a career and a husband were done with. Haha :) Anyways, Peace Out!

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