I love to have fun and hang out with friends!! Its awesome and feels nice to just relax and not worry about work or school or anything. Today me and some friends went and saw "The Day the Earth Stood Still" It was AWESOME!!! :D Good movie. There was no swearing and no sex scenes and only one really gross part, unless you don't like needles, then it had a couple. Not a lot of action though, but still a good movie. Anyhow, work has gotten to be somewhat fun now a days. I am starting to like it. Which is good because I would hate to be stuck with a job I hated. I really need this job because poor college students like me can not survive without one. I just wish I got paid more and didn't work as much so I would have time for homework. But anyways, I need to go to work. Later.

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  1. believe me, i feel the same way... relaxing is so nice! ahhh... :) that was a relaxed ahh, not a screaming ahhh.