I love to have fun and hang out with friends!! Its awesome and feels nice to just relax and not worry about work or school or anything. Today me and some friends went and saw "The Day the Earth Stood Still" It was AWESOME!!! :D Good movie. There was no swearing and no sex scenes and only one really gross part, unless you don't like needles, then it had a couple. Not a lot of action though, but still a good movie. Anyhow, work has gotten to be somewhat fun now a days. I am starting to like it. Which is good because I would hate to be stuck with a job I hated. I really need this job because poor college students like me can not survive without one. I just wish I got paid more and didn't work as much so I would have time for homework. But anyways, I need to go to work. Later.


Stressed out?

Ever felt stressed out? Yeah, me too. School work was going to kill me! Or so I thought. It was hard to not feel as if I was going to fail everything and my life would be over. I talked to my mom and she told me something that I try to remember as finals week approaches. "Hey, its just school. You can retake it and do better." And she is right! I CAN retake a class, I CAN do better! I don't want to retake a class and have to try to do better but if worse comes to worse, that's all I have to do. And that's not even that bad if you think about it. I mean sure it adds on time and the world is all about rushing things and moving fast, but sometimes we need to just step back and take a look at what we are doing. We can always redo classes. We need to realize that its not the end of the world if we didn't graduate with a degree 2 years sooner than everyone else. That shouldn't even be a concern of ours. My closest friends are going to graduate way before me! In fact one of them almost has her degree, and another friend doesn't even know exactly what he is going to go into so I could graduate before him. That has helped me calm down and not be as stressed about things. Its also good to know that my parents wont be mad if I fail. And if yours will then just talk to them and tell them that you are concerned about your grade and that you think maybe you might fail, but also tell them that you are scared that they will be really mad at you for not passing. Tell them your concerns, it makes it easier. Anyways, just thought I would leave that thought for everyone.