Work :P

Okay so working sometimes sucks! Actually almost always! I mean I don't have a bad job. Except the fact that I don't get an employee discount, which all my friends ask me for everytime I go in with them. But anyways, it sucks for a couple different reasons. One I work every weekend!!! And I mean EVERY weekend! Friday and Saturday nights are u sure thing! And yeah, it's nights that I work. So my social life can just be kissed goodbye. Muah! Which leaves me with hanging out durring the week. Which isn't really a bad thing. It's just that I have a crazy schedule.
I have school everyday first of all, and on Mondays I have FHE, which stands for Family Home Evening. And I am in a student/singles ward so it's just us students hanging out and playing games or watching a movie or whatever. But here's the thing, I am in charge of FHE. Yup, there you have it. And no, I am not the only one in charge, there is one other guy that helps me, sort of. Nothing against him but he isn't always there to help, and he is really hard to get ahold of. And afterwords I have homework.
Tuesdays aren't much better. If I'm not working after school I am doing homework. Then if I'm lucky I get to hang out but not for very long because I have school early the next day. Wednesdays are the same. Thursdays I have school, homework and The Office. Yes the best show ever! :) One of them anyways. And thats if I don't work. So thats an okay day. But Fridays and Saturdays I always work. And Sundays I always have off because the store isn't open.
So yeah basically that is my week in a nutshell.
So when my friends go home for the weekend and I am stuck working, it kinda sucks. Sometimes I feel left out of all the fun. But I try not to dwell on it. Its just been a crazy week so it came back to my attention. anyways, thats all I wanted to say today. Bye bye! :)

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